About us

What does CenRES stand for, who are we and what are we planning to do?

CenRES stands for Center for Renewable Energy Systems.

Renewable energies are an important and forward-looking economic factor for the region south of the Sahara. Where there is no electricity, there is little light and even fewer opportunities for education and culture in the savannah region of West Africa. Funded by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), the TH Wildau launched the HAW.International project to create opportunities for networking science and business with the region. Within the framework of the project, support from German experts will create a centre for sustainable, regenerative energy systems at the University of Kara. The city of Kara is the third largest city in Togo and one of the most important economic centres in the region

Our partners

Our vision

In the long term, we aim to further expand our network in West Africa and to bundle the competences of different universities in order to jointly exploit the potential of renewable energies even more. The University of Kara in Togo will continue to be the centre in the region and cooperations with 35 science locations from 8 countries are to be established.


Opening of the Center for Regenerative Energy Systems

A highlight was the opening of the Center for Regenerative Energy Systems (cenRES Center). In his speech, the German Ambassador to Togo, H.E. Matthias Veltin, emphasized the importance of cooperation between the countries of the region: "(...) in order to provide an effective means of countering climate change as well as poverty. Renewable energies, especially electrical energy, bring light, communication and driving power for machines to the region. They thus contribute to economic development and social participation."


University of Kara to become focal point for training and research in the field of renewable energies in West Africa

Together with the actors from Germany, the university in Kara wants to be a contact point for education and research in the field of renewable energies and thus offer a platform for joint approaches to solutions.
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jörg Reiff-Stephan, project coordinator on the German side and Vice President for Studies and Teaching at TH Wildau, said in his keynote speech on behalf of the event team: "Once again, the idea of the sustainable use of energy has proven to be a driving force for intensive scientific cooperation and student exchange. Especially for the sub-Saharan region of West Africa, the knowledge of the correct use of renewable energy sources is becoming an important prerequisite for further social development and economic upswing. We thank here in particular his Excellency, Ambassador Matthias Veltin, for his impulses for the event and support for the establishment of the cenRES center."