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Below you will find all current and future CenRES projects.

Research project

Representatives from different departments of the TUA Wildau and University of Kara will come together to establish a research group and discuss ideas about a common research project. By combining all different competences from both universities, e.g. Automation Technology from TUAS Wildau or Electromagnetism from University of Kara , we will have a broad range of skills that we can make use of.

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Solar Trailer

A mobile solar trailer was already built in 2016 by the TH Wildau in cooperation with D.A.Z.v e.V. (Association for German-African Cooperation) and had been standing in Dapaong, north of Kara, since then. Unfortunately, the trailer has not been used since 2019 and therefore the TH Wildau together with the University of Kara decided to pick up this solar trailer and repair it in Kara. Currently, the batteries and other parts are being replaced and in the future it should be possible to improve the power supply in structurally weak regions in Togo.

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LoRaWAN, an abbreviation for "Long Range Wide Area Network", is a protocol that aims to connect battery-powered devices (nodes) in regional, national or global networks to the internet. Because LoRaWAN uses lower frequencies than, for example, WLAN, it enables data transmission over longer distances and can therefore be very useful where WLAN infrastructure is poor. The system requires interaction between battery-powered nodes that collect and send data and a gateway that intercepts this data from the nodes and processes it accordingly. Even though Johannes started this project in Germany, he was able to share his knowledge with students in Togo and work together on its applications. Some examples are the monitoring of renewable energy systems such as a solar concentrator or green roofs. Furthermore, this project will be used in connection with the future Center of Renewable Energy Systems (CenRES) in Kara, Togo.

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Academic Mobility

Through the DAAD project "HAW International", scholarships are awarded to students from TH Wildau and doctoral students from Togo and Benin to visit the other country and work on joint projects. Two students from TH Wildau are already in Togo, three doctoral students from Togo and one doctoral student from Benin will travel to Germany in August. They had been awarded their scholarship for their scientific contribution to the SusRES Conference 2021. Through this project, the interdisciplinary and transnational exchange of knowledge and cultural experiences is promoted.

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